June 2008 Blog Posts

Activate Outlook reminders

A huge percentage of Outlook users use Outlook reminders for obvious reasons. Hence, it was natural to extend the Outlook reminders to support work item reminders. This extremely useful feature perfectly fits into TeamCompanion's value proposition: manage work items the way Outlook users would do it! For reminders to work you need to open Properties dialog for the TeamCompanion folder and select the option "Display reminders and Tasks from this folder in the To-Do Bar"

Desktop work item search - Part 2: Vista instant search hints

In the previous blog entry we've presented desktop search integration for the work items implemented by the TeamCompanion. In this one, we will give you some hints how to best use it to get the right search results quickly and easily. The hints apply to Vista instant search. The idea is to give the search engine some metadata in addition to the search term itself, so that it can best locate your work items. Internally work items are presented to the indexing engine as mail items, so you should use „store:mapi“ in your work items searches. That is not too restrictive but will...

Full text desktop search and work items

TeamCompanion integrates work item management with Outlook. As a part of this integration, every time a work item query is executed we save the complete content of all work items from the query result (of course we get only the new information or info that was changed since the last get). We do that in order to be able to support offline work, to offer work item information even if TeamCompanion is not connected to the TFS server. At the same time, since this data is subject to Outlook indexing engine, the full text search of work items is supported. All...