Work Items versus Outlook Tasks

A few users asked us for the reasons to add support for integration between tasks and work items. We realized that majority of our users use work items and tasks as follows: "My work items are about the job that I need to do on the project level and my Outlook tasks are about what I need to do outside of my project work. Sometimes previously private task needs to be converted or promoted to a project task and for that I need the ability to create work items from tasks. Sometimes I want to organize my work that relates to a work item in one or more steps and could use Outlook tasks for that."  So if you select a work item you can create a task based on the work item's content (see image below).

TeamCompanion 'New Task from Work Item' feature

If you select an Outlook task, you can attach the task to existing work item or create a new work item based on the task's content.

Once a task is created from a work item or vice versa TeamCompanion tracks the relationship so it is easy to open the associated work item if you are editing the task.

stomizations for work items created from mail, task and RSS are independent. You can make different customizations for work items created from mail and work items created from task. 

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