January 2009 Blog Posts

Customizing Work Items Created From Mail, Task or RSS

  We can choose what will be automatically filled in work item form when we create a new work item from e-mail, task or RSS. For example, in case of creating work item from mail, we can automatically set ‘Assign To’ field to person who is recipient of a mail. Just go into Options and choose appropriate tab: ‘Create WI from Mail’, ‘Create WI from Task’ or ‘Create WI from RSS’. You can choose default work item type (for example Task) from combo box named ‘Default Work Item Type’. In the center of tabs is a list of field names and values. Fields from...

Ready, steady… search!

Numerous projects, numerous team members, numerous Work Items… and all you need are those few Work Items you assigned to Michael last week. No problem! All it takes is one simple dialog box…. By selecting the Search Work Item feature on the TeamCompanion toolbar, Query Editor opens which enables you to define filter criteria (Project name, Assigned to, Rank, Work Item type and many more) to easily and quickly search and find wanted Work Items, as it is shown on the picture below. Through this query editor all the standard operations on Work Items are also available.