Another way of attaching screenshots to a work item...


There is a number of scenarios where you need to create a work item and attach screenshots to it. You could also want to preview your screenshots before saving work item. Naive way to achieve this scenario could be to save each screenshot to a file, create new work item and add previously saved files as attachments. Unless you'll be using screenshots later, the step to save each screenshot to a file is just boring. We recommend another way...

First, create a temporary mail and paste all of your screenshots into the mail's body. This is an example of how could mail look after the screenshots have been pasted:

When all of your screenshots are inside mail's body, save mail and click on the „New Work Item from Mail“ button. Dialog that will show you some conversion options will appear. Make sure „Copy attachments“ checkbox is checked, as in the screenshot below. Click „OK“ button.

TeamCompanion will now create the work item and copy all mail attachments into the work item attachments. Since all images that were pasted into the mail's body are considered attachments, you get all of your screenshots copied too! In a work item edit form, select „File Attachments“ tab and you'll see one image created for each of your screenshots. In a form below, image001.png is created for the first screenshot and image002.png is created for the second screenshot.

That's it! We hope this little trick could save you some time.

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