TeamCompanion 3.0 - Generating Excel Reports

Reports can greatly facilitate in a company's strategic decision making. That's why TeamCompanion 3.0 comes with advanced features for organizing the presentation of information pulled from Team Foundation Server into various highly informative Excel reports for busy managers to use for making informed decisions in real-time. By combining Outlook grouping, searching and filtering with Excel reporting in an intuitive and easy-to-learn interface, TeamCompanion 3.0 significantly reduces the time and effort that goes into generating reports.

What follows is a short tutorial that shows on an example how generating reports in TeamCompanion 3.0 is done.

Open Outlook and then select a Work Item Query (Tailspin Toys, in this example) from the Navigation Pane on the left. Right-click on the Work Item Query and then select Create Report in Excel from the context menu:

A dialog appears asking you which types of reports you would like to generate for the result set of the Work Item Query. In this example, we will choose All Reports.

After pressing Finish on the dialog, a multi-tabbed Excel workbook with all the reports for the result set opens. Below is an example of a chart from one of the reports for the result set of the Tailspin Toys Work Item Query:

As can be clearly seen from the chart, out of the total of 44 work items returned in the result set, 1 is of type Bug, 15 are of type Task, 4 are of type Test Case and the remaining 24 are of type User Story.

Aside from generating Excel reports for entire Work Item Queries, you can generate Excel reports for specific Work Items as well. This feature can be quite powerful when combined with Outlook’s grouping, sorting and searching capabilities. Let’s demonstrate this first by grouping the Work Items by the State column. After grouping the Work Items, we get the following:

Now assume that we want to generate Excel report for active Work Items that contain the text customer in any field. We can filter the Work Items using Outlook’s full text search feature. After typing the word customer into the search box, we get the following:

What we get is a portion of the original set of work items; we get only those work items in which the word customer appears. To generate an Excel report, select all Work Items under the group header labeled “State: Active” and then click the Create Report in Excel (Selection) button in the context menu:

The same familiar dialog from before appears again and we choose All Reports as we did the first time that we were prompted:

Here is how the chart looks now:

As the chart readily shows, 3/16 of the selection is of type Task and remaining 13/16 is of type User Story.

That wraps up this tutorial on how to generate reports in TeamCompanion 3.0. With report generation in TeamCompanion 3.0, you can start making quicker and better decisions!

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