TeamCompanion 4.3 released


We are happy to announce public availability of the TeamCompanion v4.3 that improves end-user experience and gives user a couple of new exciting features.

Here is the list of new features.

  1. Support for Team Foundation Service Preview
  2. New ClickOnce installer that supports automatic updates
  3. Velocity graph
  4. Add “New PBI” action to the product backlog
  5. “Request new Feature“ feature
  6. Ability to expand trial period using trial codes
  7. Fixed 50+ known issues
  8. Let’s see what each of the entries from the above list is about.

1) Support for Team Foundation Service Preview

TeamCompanion v4.3 supports Team Foundation Service Preview (tfspreview) and is able to display data from tfspreview projects.

In order to connect to the Team Foundation Service Preview you need to install Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2010 together with the KB2581206 hotfix.

Once you establish a connection tfspreview projects will be treated same way as any other non-cloud Team Foundation Server project.

Note: if you installed KB2581206 hotfix before September 1, you’ll have to manually uninstall, download and reapply it again, because it was changed in the meantime although the hotfix name remained unchanged.

2) New ClickOnce installer that supports automatic updates

TeamCompanion v4.3 is now deployed with the completely new installer engine. New installer enables automatic updates, so now each time user starts Outlook she’ll be informed about the new update. User has the ability to delay or even skip some update. Also, user will be able to turn off automatic updates and to check for updates manually.


3) Velocity graph

Another exciting new feature is the implementation of the velocity graph. Using velocity graph you will be able to estimate how much backlog effort your team can handle in future sprints.

Much more about velocity graphs you can find here.

Velocity graph is implemented inside the Plan and Prioritize node and can be shown while user works either on the product backlog or in some particular sprint.

By default velocity graph is not displayed inside the product backlog. However, it can be easily displayed using Velocity ribbon button.


Once you decide to show it, it will be visible above the backlog grid:


If you switch to some sprint (iteration), velocity graph will already be there for you in the upper pane next to the Burndown graph.


4) Add “New PBI” action to the product backlog

Another new cool feature added to our “Plan and Prioritize” planning tool is the ability to create new product backlog items (PBIs) directly from the product backlog view.


You can quickly add several new PBIs just by typing item title and hitting the enter keyboard button. Depending on the active team, new PBI will get default values for several required fields. If you set default team member for the active team, newly created work item will automatically be assigned to that person. After you create new PBI, item will be displayed in the grid with negative value in the ID field.

Pending PBI

Using the “Plan and Prioritize” tool configuration dialog you can define additional top level work item types. In this example, we declared Issue work items as additional work item type and because of that Issue appeared as an option in the new PBI combo box. If some work item type contains required fields that cannot be filled automatically, you’ll get the additional dialog on which you’ll have to fill all required fields in order to create a new work item.

New Issue

After you commit changes by hitting the Save ribbon button, newly created work items will be displayed in grid as saved and a new by TFS assigned ID will replace original negative values.

Commited PBI

5) “Request new Feature“ feature

I guess every user from time to time wishes that the application he’s using has at least one more feature. The one he needs at that particular moment.

Although TeamCompanion tries to read end user’s mind, we decided to implement a link that will help you request new features directly from the TeamCompanion user interface.


When you click on the “Request a Feature” link, a new web page will be opened giving you the ability to enter your idea or to vote for some of the previously submitted ideas.


6) Ability to expand trial period using trial codes

As you already know, you have the right to load and execute the unregistered copy of TeamCompanion for a period of 90 days. Until now, we were unable to expand the trial period, but starting from TeamCompanion v4.3 users will be able to request and enter code that will extend the trial period.

In order to extend the trial period, contact our support team ( and tell us the reason why you would like to extend the trial period.

Upon request approval, you will receive a trial extension code and enter it using TeamCompanion License Info dialog.


7) Fixed 50+ known issues

TeamCompanion v4.3 comes with the bug fixes for more than 50 issues.

Don’t wait, get the new TeamCompanion v4.3 now!

Grab your copy at\Download .

Watch all videos at\Videos.

For all other information visit

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