March 2012 Blog Posts

TeamCompanion and Visual Studio 11 ride together again!

On February 29th, when Microsoft released the Visual Studio 11 Beta, TeamCompanion was one of the first partner products that provided full support for the new Beta. If you use TFSPreview (which is the TFS 11 in the Cloud) or TFS 11 Beta, TeamCompanion v4.5 offers smooth integration, offline support, exciting agile project management support and arguably the best TFS 11 client for non-developers. Enough about the past – let’s look into the future. Microsoft is moving forward towards the final release and TeamCompanion is moving together. Today we proudly announce that TeamCompanion will sim-ship together with the...

TeamCompanion v4.5 on

The Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) Program has launched a new section on the ComponentSource website alongside the launch of the VS 11 Beta. Team Companion v4.5 is one of the selected highlighted VS 11 compatible products. Check it out!