TeamCompanion 4.6 released

After few months of hard work we are proud to announce that TeamCompanion v4.6 is ready for manufacture and is now available for download.

The interesting thing about this release is the fact that it’s not just one new version, but two separate versions that work with both Team Explorer 2010 (TFS 2010) and Team Explorer 2012 RC (TFS 2012 RC). There was a significant amount of time spent on the full integration with TFS 2012 RC features, such as team, sprint or capacity settings.

Here is the list of new/improved v4.6 features:

  1. Full integration with TFS 2012 RC (Team Explorer 2012 RC) *.
  2. Full support for the Team Foundation Service Preview (aka tfspreview) servers.
  3. Implemented Export & Copy actions for Plan and Prioritize charts.
  4. New Copy capacity info action.
  5. Mark Work Item as Done action is now expanded with few additional configuration options.
  6. Support for non admin installations.
  7. Various fixes and improvements.

* In Team Explorer 2012 RC version only.

1) Full integration with TFS 2012 RC (Team Explorer 2012 RC)

TeamCompanion is happy to confirm that our product fully integrates with recently published TFS 2012 RC (Team Explorer 2012 RC).

TFS 2012 RC version contains all standard features together with the integration with the TFS 2012 RC agile project management tools. In a few words, TeamCompanion syncs with team, sprint and capacity settings of the TFS 2012 RC.

You can find more about supported features in our previous blog posts: TeamCompanion v4.5 rides alongside Visual Studio 11 and Updates to TeamCompanion v4.5.

2) Full support for the Team Foundation Service Preview servers

Two days ago Microsoft announced public availability of the Team Foundation Service Preview. Starting with today, you can use TeamCompanion to connect with it and get some experience, about how is it to work in the clouds.

3) Implemented Export and Copy actions for Plan and Prioritize charts

While using our agile project management toolset you can find useful to export some of the available charts. Now you’ll be able to copy or export all relevant charts (burndown, velocity, team capacity) by single click on the Export or Copy button located directly on the chart surface.

Copy/export chartExport options

As you can see from the picture above, current chart can be added to clipboard (Copy action) or exported as HTML, image, MHT, PDF of Excel file.

4) New Copy capacity info action

Setting up a new sprint can be tedious and one sprint is often a lot like the previous. So, one step we’ve taken is to enable you to copy your sprint capacity from the previous sprint. You can then tweak it if you have changes for the current sprint.

Copy Capacity

5) Mark Work Item as Done action expanded with additional configuration options

Mark Work Item as Done is not a new action, but we decided to redesign its user interface and to expand its logic by adding few additional configuration options:

Mark Work Item as Done

Let’s see what we have here:

  1. Info section, informs you on the first sight about the work item status. Based on displayed information you can decide if the work item is done or still contains some work to do.
  2. By checking this option you’ll ensure that the work item state will be automatically updated and that work item will end in the actual “done” state.
  3. Selection of the work item done state. Default value is suggested based on heuristics, but can be changed.
  4. Combo box with the possible transitions between the current and “done” work item state.
  5. Select this option if you want to inform others that work item is done.
  6. When checked, work item Remaining effort field will be set to 0. At the same time, work item Completed effort field will be incremented by the previous value of the Remaining effort field.

6) Support for non admin installations

Until this version, in order to install and use TeamCompanion, users had to be local machine administrators. This was due to the technical limitations of the ClickOnce and VSTO technologies. From now on, you can use TeamCompanion, even if you’re not local administrators.

First time you try to run the setup, TeamCompanion will check if all the prerequisites are already installed. If yes, you’ll be able to install it with no admin intervention. In other case, you’ll be informed that the setup has to be run once under the local machine administrator privileges. During this run, all required prerequisites will be installed. After that, you’ll have to run setup once again using your standard user account.

7) Various fixes and improvements

As usual, we tried to resolve all known issues and to improve overall application performance. Hope you’ll like our efforts!


Don’t wait, get the new TeamCompanion v4.6 right away! Grab your copy at\Download.

For more information visit, take a quick tour or go into feature details.

Additionally, follow @TeamCompanion on Twitter, or visit our Facebook or Google+ page.

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