TeamCompanion v4.7 released

As promised, TeamCompanion team released the new 4.7 version just in time for simultaneous  release together with the Visual Studio 2012 RTM. This version works with Outlook 2010, but there are rumors that Office 2013 version is on the way in the near future as well.

Version that works with Team Explorer 2012 RTM will be a major surprise since it comes with a brand new Visual Studio style themed look.
Not sure what I’m talking about? Check the screenshots below and you’ll get the picture!

TeamCompanion ribbon tab

TeamCompanion tab

As you can see in the screenshot, default project home page is now set to Web Access. That way you’ll be able to quickly switch from one (TeamCompanion & Outlook) to another context (Web Access).

Work Item(s) / Query ribbon tab

Work Item(s) / Query Tab

Plan and Prioritize ribbon tab

Plan and Prioritize

Please note that Velocity icon has some color in it!

New Work Item edit form

WI Edit Form

Since VS 2012 RTM work item types use HTML fields for the description, we updated the default mappings and when creating work item from email we use email’s HTML body as the source for the work item description.

TeamCompanion v4.7 works with all TFS server versions (TFS 2012, TFS 2010, TFS 2008) as well as with the

Also, thanks to your feedback we managed to resolve some issues and to improve overall usability. Here is the list of major issues we resolved:

  • changed mail parsing heuristics algorithm (based on users request, now real links have higher priority than pseudo links);
  • resolved TFS 2008 connectivity issue (in some scenarios, TeamCompanion was unable to connect to the TFS 2008 servers);
  • fixed bug with reports when switching between reports and folders (from time to time user was asked to save changes although he didn’t change anything);
  • changed behavior of the Insert Work Item Table action (inserted table now contains selected query columns instead hardcoded set of predefined columns);
  • fixed bug in Options dialog (under some circumstances user was unable to start Options dialog).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: together with the start of the Visual Studio 2012 Virtual Launch Event on September 12th 2012, for a limited period of time, you’ll have opportunity to get a FREE TeamCompanion license. More details soon!

Don’t wait, get the new TeamCompanion v4.7 right away! Grab your copy at\Download.

For more information visit, take a quick tour or go into feature details.

Additionally, follow @TeamCompanion on Twitter, or visit our Facebook or Google+ page.

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