TFS Work Items: With TeamCompanion full Outlook functionality will be at your fingertips

Work Items get premier treatment in Outlook

Outlook is the most familiar e-mail management tool and calendar software that helps you stay in touch with your email, tasks, contacts and meetings. Wouldn’t you just love to have the same experience when working with Work Items on your Project?

TeamCompanion allows you to handle Work Items the same way as we work with our email in Outlook. Familiar user experience brings wealth of benefits; higher efficiency and easy way to learn and adopt product features. Basically, Outlook user experience simply applies to handling your Work Items.

To illustrate the simplicity and Outlook familiarity here are a few TeamCompanion features that will best describe it:

Multilevel grouping


Multilevel grouping is the unique TeamCompanion feature not available in other TFS clients (Team Explorer, TFS Web Access). This function allows you grouping of Work Items by multiple fields.

Filtering and Searching

Good Search is very important feature of any product. It helps you to find important things in just a few clicks. Search functionality in TeamCompanion is also an advantage. TeamCompanion enables you with full text search and search across all fields. On the other side, Microsoft TFS clients only offer search for title and description fields. TeamCompanion also enables HTML preview for searched Work Items where search terms are highlighted.


Reminders, To-Do-Flags and Favorites folders

TeamCompanion brings synergy effects of Outlook. You can use standard Outlook features like Reminders and To-Do Flags, even when working with Working Items. Or you can place most frequently used Work Item queries into Favorites folders, where they will be easily available and always in sight.


When working with Work Items with TeamCompanion, the entire Outlook functionality will be at your fingertips.

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