TeamCompanion 5.2 Update 1 Released

TeamCompanion v5.2 introduced the support for role-based work item views for Outlook 2010/2013 and Team Explorer 2012/2013. This v5.2 Update 1 is primarily targeted to enhance this support by introducing more powerful features for managing multiple role-based work item views.

Enhanced Support for Multiple Role-Based Work Item Views

TeamCompanion now provides the option to quickly switch between the default work item view for a user/role and additional alternative views. Some project roles need multiple different views for the same work item type depending on the context of their work. A development lead, for instance, could use an overview view by default, giving him just a subset of all information available in the work item. When discussing work items with developers, he can easily switch to the full view and access all information.

The supplementary administrative tool has been enhanced accordingly, so that now each role-view mapping, in addition to containing the name of the view used by default, can contain the list of additional views. In this case, an additional dropdown named Layouts appears on the work item form, which contains the list of all views available for the user. This list is defined by the current work item type definition and the definition of default and multiple views in the role-view mapping.

Work item form with layouts dropdown containing the list of available role-based views


Additionally, we have added precise view resolution rules. In other words, now you can prioritize entries in the role-view relationships table. TeamCompanion will always apply top positioned entries first.

More in depth details about managing and configuring default and multiple role-based work item views are available here.

Removed error causing the reset of TeamCompanion settings during Outlook upgrade

Local user settings, including work item mapping customizations, were reset to factory settings when certain Outlook updates and service packs were installed. This is no longer the case and settings are now preserved between different Outlook versions.

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