TeamCompanion v6.0 Released

TeamCompanion v6.0 supports Team Foundation Server 2015 and Visual Studio Online,  introduces new productivity features and brings changes to the maintenance policy.

Support for Team Foundation Server 2015 and Visual Studio Online

TeamCompanion v6.0 now supports Team Foundation Server 2015 on-premises. In order to connect to this version of TFS you need to install Team Explorer for Microsoft Visual Studio 2013.

Team Projects hosted on Visual Studio Online and Team Foundation Server 2013 and 2012 are supported as in our previous versions.

TeamCompanion- Visual Studio 2015

Custom Coloring of Work Items in Query Result Lists

TeamCompanion v6.0 introduces custom work item coloring in the query result list. Now you can take advantage of powerful grid coloring capabilities to differentiate work items by their type, state, blocked status and additional custom criteria.

For more details, please check the blog post Color Your Work Items with TeamCompanion v6.0.

TeamCompanion - Color Work Items - Sprint Backlog Grid Coloring Options


Excel Like Column Level Filtering

TeamCompanion v6.0 features easier Excel like column level filtering while previewing work item query results. Each column in the grid now includes a built in dynamic filter that allows you to quickly filter your view based on values from one or more columns. Advanced filtering options are available as well.

For more details, please check the blog post Easier Filtering in Work Item Query Results.

TeamCompanion - Grid Column Level Filtering - Column Filters

New Maintenance Policy

Starting with TeamCompanion v6.0, yearly maintenance will be charged. A one year support is included with each purchase of TeamCompanion 6.0. If you own one of our previous versions, you will first need to upgrade to TeamCompanion v6.0 and then later extend your maintenance period.

For more details, please check the blog post TeamCompanion is Introducing New Maintenance Policy.

Older Versions Discontinued

You can now download either the newest version v6.0 (where the license includes our maintenance options) or the previous version v5.2 Update 1 (with no support options). Previous versions of TeamCompanion are not available for download any more.

Various Fixes and Improvements

As always, we need to thank you for your feedback. In the newest version we fixed various bugs (e.g. several issues when creating work items from mail; added full support for RTF E-mails) and improved particular features (e.g. several issues in the setup procedure are fixed; installation troubleshooting tools are now bundled with the setup package).

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