All TeamCompanion features documented with detailed description, images and videos.

Getting Started

Welcome to TeamCompanion, the best companion for your Visual Studio Online / Team Foundation Server based team!

Here you can find information about all TeamCompanion's features, documented with detailed description, images and videos.

Tipp: To download TeamCompanion, follow this link. You can choose between different licensing options or simply start using a fully functional unregistered copy for a trial period of 90 days. For installation instructions please see our FAQ section.

Look and Feel

TeamCompanion is an add-in for Outlook that fully integrates in various parts of its user interface.

The TeamCompanion node is visible in Navigation Pane, next to other Outlook mail folders. It contains a child node for each connected Team Foundation Server. Supported team project nodes are contained in the subtree of this node and serve as the main access point to all team project items.

You can add shortcuts to your frequently accessed team project items, like work item queries and reports, to the Outlook's Favorites folder.

New ribbon tabs, TeamCompanion, Work Item(s)/Query, Plan And Prioritize, Documents and Reports, contain TeamCompanion's commands and tools. Several context sensitive actions are also available on different Outlook ribbon tabs, like Home or View.

Work item query results, reports and document lists are shown in the Outlook's Central Pane. The Embedded Work Item Form can be viewed either in the work item preview pane or in a separate window. There exist additional separate TeamCompanion's windows, like the Query Editor.